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At PLR Design, we strongly recommend that any bathroom should have at least one mirror but the consensus among our bathroom planners is that more is better. In small bathrooms, a few extra mirrors can optimise the amount of light and make the room space feel much larger than it is. If your home is a busy one, especially during the morning rush for school or work, then more mirrors help more people to get ready at once.

We supply mirrors to customers in all parts of Dorking, and to those in the surrounding Caterham, Horley, Reigate and Surrey areas. PLR Design has a bathroom and tile showroom in Redhill.

Note that you do not necessarily need bathroom mirrors. Most regular mirrors can work just as well so long as you can keep them free from steam. Because most bathrooms are only small to moderate in size, however, bathroom mirrors are a good choice.

Integrating Mirrors into Bathrooms

One of the most common mistakes that Dorking homeowners make is hanging their bathroom mirrors at head height, but not really taking the time to think about how well things might work. Our bathroom planners recommend that you hang mirrors where they reflect the most amount of natural light. You can still put them at head height, but the pay-off with careful positioning is seeing your reflection much more clearly.Think about quality too. Bathrooms look much better with top-of-the-range mirrors. Customers on a budget can create a high-end look by painting the surrounds or decorating the glass.

Of course, your mirrors need to tie in with what you want, what you need and how you live your life. Two mirrors will give most bathrooms a good light spread with all the practical benefits but, in smaller spaces, practicality may have to come first. You could use mirrored glass tiles on the walls to try and add the impression of more space if you like.

Most bathrooms in Dorking have a boxy feel. Square mirrors on cabinets are unavoidable because this is how they are sold, but our bathroom planners recommend that you consider round mirrors for walls. This is a great way to change the dynamics.

And, of course, there is innovation to think of too!

LED Mirrors – You can change the appearance of bathrooms with LED mirrors which add a softer, more natural feel to the room without hurting the eyes. We love LED mirrors because they give you a clear idea of how you’ll look in direct daylight. 

Bluetooth Mirrors – If you have a family member in a Dorking home who sings in the shower, but who might not be the next pop idol, our bathroom planners suggest you distract them with a Bluetooth mirror that can play music from a favourite app.

Mirrored Cabinets – If space is at a premium, you can get more from bathrooms with mirrored cabinets which add light to your space, but which also offer you some much-needed storage. You can even buy cabinets with LED and Bluetooth functionality.

Coloured Lights – For those who want to add a fun element to a bathroom, try a mirror with lights in changing colours. This can be a great way to get stubborn children into the bath, and this mirror type can even provide users with health benefits.

The bathroom planners at PLR Design advise that you look at mirrors as an investment into your Dorking property. Space and functionality are your key considerations, but there’s no harm in using innovation to make bathrooms more fun. We invite you to visit our showroom in Redhill, and to browse through the mirrors we have in stock, before making your final decision.

We hope you have enjoyed reading our latest blog post.

Call us on 01737 766603 to discuss mirrors with our bathroom planners. PLR Design transforms bathrooms in Dorking.

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