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The Virtual Worlds Pro Suite is the software of choice for our bathroom planners. This is an advanced 3D CAD program which helps us to design inspiring bathrooms to a high specification, complete with stunning photorealistic images which give the customer a clear idea of what a finished installation might look like in their home. Located in Redhill, we offer design services across the Reigate area, offering everything from traditional bathrooms to contemporary installations.

Additional areas covered by our team include Caterham, Coulsdon, Dorking and Horley, but this is only a small representation of our reach in the South East area.

Virtual Worlds Pro Suite

So, what does the Virtual Worlds Pro Suite offer?


Interactive drag-and-drop 4D technology helps our planners to create visuals for kitchens and bathrooms in quick time.


Enjoy the latest kitchen and bathroom trends. The Pro Suite accommodates an unlimited number of catalogues and updates.


Virtual World can offer kitchen and bathroom planners unlimited training to help them design room spaces with more confidence.


Software features allow us to free up our design PCs to stay productive and to keep turnaround times under tight control.


Because the Virtual Worlds Pro Suite is an all-in-one solution for users, we pass on savings to our local Reigate customers.

Through Pro Suite, we can offer you a full design-and-supply service while working alongside our recommended fitters.

Virtual Worlds also has the 4D Studio available, which planners can use alongside the Pro Suite. With a 4D VR headset, we can transport our valued Reigate customers directly into the design. We can also output a VR design with just the press of a button without having to wait an age for the software to render – a welcome additional benefit.

With 4D Theatre available as a premium product too, Virtual Worlds is the definitive, most innovative way to design kitchens and bathrooms in the modern installation sector.

We also supply 2D plans to aid with spatial awareness.

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The Importance of Good Bathroom Planning

Reputable bathroom planners understand that a solid design is the backbone of any successful installation. With bathrooms, planning plays an ever-important role. By choosing PLR Design Ltd, you build a relationship with a dedicated designer with training in the use of the Virtual Worlds Pro Suite. We can’t think of a better testament to our services than that.

We can even send you a link to the design cloud where you can interact with our work in a browser or on a handheld device.

Where some bathroom designs fail because they don’t make good use of limited room space, we handle restrictions by learning not just about the functionality you need, but also about how you and your family like to live on a day-to-day basis. Wherever you happen to be in Reigate, we’re here to help.

The bathroom planners at PLR Design Ltd consider more than just the suite. We take storage and all the important accessories into account to deliver bathrooms of a stunning style and quality. Your own bathroom should be an end-of-the-day retreat that has all the finishing touches, from heated towel rails to ambient lighting that calms your mood.

We can supply all this for you, and more.

PLR Design hopes that you have enjoyed reading this blog post and looks forward to you visiting us personally very soon.
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