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If you have plans to remodel your bathroom, one of the many elements you’ll be looking at is the floor. If you leave the job to our bathroom planners, they will choose a material, design and colour that reflects your suite, your choice between traditional and contemporary styling, and what you can afford to buy. You can, of course, choose flooring for bathrooms yourself, but it often pays to call a professional.

PLR Design has a bathroom showroom and tile shop in Redhill which welcomes customers from nearby Horley and all locations across Surrey, including Caterham, Dorking and Reigate.

Space, style, safety and waterproof performance are our four main considerations when choosing a floor. If you prefer tiles, buy something specifically made with bathrooms in mind. In doing so, you reduce slipping risks and have a floor that dries faster and is much easier to keep clean. Be particularly fussy for homes in Horley with children, elderly persons or those with either physical challenges or limited mobility.

Below, our bathroom planners offer their advice on flooring.

Make a Brave Choice

Wood is one of the most attractive flooring choices for modern bathrooms, but moisture causes it to deteriorate quickly. Go for hardwood or laminate floors, or a vinyl, with a wood-effect finish. With any of these three choices, you’ll never need to concern yourself with dampness, rot, mould or mildew. 

Cork and rubber are not as good for the environment, but both are waterproof and offer a warmish underfoot feel. If you insist on hardwood flooring for a Horley home, our bathroom planners can’t recommend bamboo or teak highly enough.

Vinyl Floors for Bathrooms

Forget the linoleum from years gone by. Today’s modern vinyl flooring is made as a composite and offers homeowners a luxurious finish in a wide choice of effects. Amtico and Karndean flooring are both premium branded products, but the market is awash with quality vinyl alternatives which offer almost equal performance at an affordable and friendly price.

Natural stone and ceramic tiles can make bathrooms slippery, although we do stock non-slip tiles as well. Vinyl is a much safer option but, in smaller rooms, we advise that you opt for a tile, and not a sheet or plank, for easier fitting.

Small Bathrooms

If your home in Horley is on the small side, bathroom planners will advise you to choose tiles. Using the same design on a floor as you would on a wall makes bathrooms look bigger and brighter. The larger the tile, the better. Small tiles can make room space look more restricted than it really is. Dark and dull colours can have the same effect. Go for something a little larger in size, and in a bright and glossy finish.

Ceramic, porcelain, cork, vinyl and natural stone tiles are all good options, although a little creativity and the right product choice wouldn’t rule laminate out of the equation.

A Warmer Underfoot Feel

There isn’t much worse a feeling than stepping out from a hot tub onto a cold floor. It is difficult to get the same warmth underfoot from hardwood, laminate, vinyl and tiles as you would from, say, a carpet or a rug. In warmer climates, tiles work well. In Horley, which is as prone to the inclement UK weather as anywhere else, tiles feel much colder underfoot.

So, what do our bathroom planner suggest you do?

An underfloor heating installation fulfils a wide range of design and functionality needs. It offers warmth, and homeowners have a choice between dry and wet systems. With no radiators to worry about, underfloor heating also allows you to open out your room space a little more in smaller homes.

We hope this blog post has been of value to you.

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