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Choosing tiles for a new bathroom installation or a remodel needs careful consideration. With so many materials, sizes, textures, colours and shapes to choose from, it should come as no surprise that some homeowners find buying tiles for their bathrooms a little overwhelming. This is where PLR Design Ltd can step in to lend a hand. Working out of a combined showroom and tile shop in Redhill, it’s safe to say that our bathroom planners know a thing or two about wall and floor décor.

This blog post looks at today’s latest tile trends.

Only a few years ago, homeowners chose bathroom tiles for their functionality. A water-resistant and maintenance-free finish, and durability in performance, mattered much more to most people than style. This is no longer the case because, as more of our customers than ever before begin to value aesthetics, so it is that they start thinking about design trends and what we can do for their bathrooms.

Trends are never a problem for us because we supply bathroom tiles in all of the following designs and materials:

• Stone Effect Porcelain Tiles
• Polished Porcelain Tiles
• Large Format Floor Tiles
• Patterned Floor Tiles
• Marble Effect Tiles
• Wood Effect Tiles
• Metro Wall Tiles
• Feature Wall and Floor Tiles

Customers in Redhill can opt for any of the below tile trends for their bathrooms. Our bathroom planners are there to lend their help and experience at every opportunity. We supply direct to customers in the surrounding Caterham, Dorking, Horley and Reigate areas, and across all parts of Surrey.

Graphic Patterns

Floor or wall, patterned tiles add an accent to bathrooms and customers have the choice of something subtle, something bold or something intricate. Patterned ceramic and porcelain tiles give homeowners a chance to spread their creative wings, but our bathroom planners are always here to help with the design.

We use the Virtual Worlds Pro Suite and 4D Studio to give our customers a virtual walkthrough of their finished bathrooms.

Matte Finishes

A matte finish lends a softer finish to bathrooms that won’t show dirt, marks or water staining like a gloss tile. This design is an especially good choice for bathroom floors, but homeowners should always consider what to do about lighting because matte tiles tend to have poor reflective qualities.

Gloss tiles still work well for those who prefer a more dramatic design and, of course, they add plenty of light.

Neutral Designs

For contemporary styled bathrooms in Redhill, our bathroom planners believe that tiles with neutral colours will work particularly well. Overlook bright colours for white or go with what we refer to as “nude neutrals” with cream, beige or grey. For darker bathrooms, the lighter the tile, the better.

Bathrooms with a neutral light-coloured wall tile normally benefit from floor tiles in contrasting dark grey or black.

Textured Tiles

If you want to add depth, variation and interest to a design, think about textured tiles. Raked and 3D tile surfaces add a startling effect to bathrooms, turning room space into a talking point that’s closer to art than just a trend. For one-of-a-kind tiling, this is where our bathroom planners start.

Use textured wall and floor tiles for a touch of elegance and make your bathroom as distinctive as the rest of your home.

Contact us on 01737 766603. Located in Redhill, our bathroom planners can discuss tiles for bathrooms in all Surrey areas.

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