Bathroom Design in Coulsdon | From Furniture to Colour Schemes: Popular Trends for Modern Installations

Are you looking at bathroom design options ahead of upgrading your current installation? As one of the leading bathroom showrooms and tile shops for Coulsdon homeowners, you can rely on PLR Design Ltd for all your needs. Not only are we reputable bathroom planners with decades of industry experience, but we also stock an extensive range of fittings, fixtures and features to suit all design schemes. This covers everything from the all-important bathroom tiles to bathroom furniture and storage solutions.

Whether you’ve got a clear vision for the kind of room you want to create, or you’re still looking at bathrooms online for inspiration, there’s never a bad time for an overview of popular products and trends. Below, we have listed what is leading the way when it comes to bathroom design today.

Ideas and Concepts for Modern Bathrooms

Rounded Shapes
For interior design in all rooms, not just bathrooms, there is a growing demand for softer, more organic influences as opposed to the harsh, sharp lines of stark spaces. For bathroom designs, this can manifest itself in various ways, including colours and textures. However, it’s evident in the shape of products too. 

Smoother silhouettes and curved lines have a more natural quality, and our bathroom planners can help integrate this into your new installation. As you would expect from one of the Coulsdon area’s leading bathroom showrooms and tile shops, we stock a wide range of options that have a less angular feel.

This extends to bathroom furniture, where you can embrace curved baskets and cabinets with smooth, rounded edges.

Natural Tones
As touched on above, a greater appreciation of the natural world has had a direct influence on home and bathroom design. For example, bathroom tiles in earthy shades, be it greens, beiges or natural stones, like marble, have risen in popularity. There’s also a greater demand for plants and even features like moss walls.

Off whites, warm blues, gentle sages – as one of the region’s most reliable bathroom showrooms and tile shops, we stock products and materials in a wide range of natural options. Our bathroom planners are always on hand to help you find the perfect solution for your needs.

Monochrome Bathroom Designs
Of course, trends cater to a variety of tastes, so monochrome detailing is still just as popular as the move toward natural styling. In fact, classic black and white bathrooms never go out of fashion. The simplicity creates a sleek, sophisticated look that doesn’t date – especially not as quickly as some bathroom furniture and bathroom tiles.

Monochrome bathrooms are easy to get right, adapt to changing tastes and live with for the long-term. As all reputable bathroom showrooms and tile shops will confirm, matt black has become somewhat of a modern classic, fast becoming a genuine alternative to chrome features.

Are you ready to take the first step toward a dazzling new installation for your Coulsdon home? Contact us today to arrange a consultation with one of our bathroom planners.

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