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No two bathroom showrooms and no two tile shops are ever the same. What sets PLR Design Ltd apart from other companies operating in the Dorking area is our exciting range of bathroom tiles and bathroom furniture, all of which comes from prestige manufacturers with excellent trade and industry reputations. Our products represent the best in traditional and contemporary bathroom design, always at the fairest and most affordable prices.


Our showroom and tile shop, located in Redhill, is only 8 miles away from the Surrey market town of Dorking – easily accessible for anybody with solid bathroom design aspirations.


It is common knowledge that some bathroom showrooms only have an interest in sales and this reflects in the personnel they employ. Most are salespeople with just one thing in mind; your money in the till and their bathroom tiles and bathroom furniture in the back of your car. PLR Design Ltd is a family-run company that consistently puts its local customers first.


We treat your bathroom design aspirations as seriously as you treat them yourself.


Innovative Software and Photorealistic 3D Images


Some bathroom showrooms and tile shops in the Dorking area offer a sales-only service and we’re fine with that. Not all companies want to be as customer-focused as us. However, we feel everybody deserves access to a full and professional bathroom design and measuring service. For PLR Design Ltd, it’s about so much more than simply selling bathroom tiles and bathroom furniture in volume. Selling in quantity rarely equates to satisfied customers.


We much prefer you to be 100% happy with our products and with our services.


That’s why we travel from Redhill to Dorking to measure up your property, although we always welcome customers who come to our bathroom showroom and tile shop with their own dimensions. We use these measurements to provide a bathroom design service that gives customers photorealistic 3D images of how our bathroom tiles and bathroom furniture look after installation, and the chance to make as many changes to that design as they wish.


Our bathroom design software also creates 2D floor plans ahead of an installation. Please remember that professional supply and design affords a series of benefits including:


  • Access bathroom tiles in a complete range of materials, from porcelain and ceramic to the very best in natural stone – in a vast choice of shapes, colours and patterns
  • See how suites and other items of bathroom furniture look ahead of the installation with 3D images that replicate the exact same dimensions as your Dorking property
  • Learn from the knowledgeable team at one of surrey’s most experienced bathroom showrooms and tile shops without any high-pressure sales techniques
  • Receive all of the services you need from just one company supplying products and services – under one roof – from convenient central premises in Redhill
  • Save money thanks to our excellent relationships with famous brand manufacturers and our own trusted supplier network from locations across the world
  • Have your bathroom design needs met by one company and save time on having to visit other bathroom showrooms and tile shops in the Dorking area

PLR Design Ltd is the reliable, customer-friendly bathroom design company providing services to customers in Dorking. Call us on 01737 766603.

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