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Bathroom showrooms and tile shops can give homeowners creative ideas when they want to combine a bedroom with an ensuite. Our own showroom in Redhill is the place to come for those in the nearby Godstone area who need fitted bathrooms, bathroom tiles and bathroom furniture. We have experienced bathroom planners on our team who can lend you their knowledge and expertise so that your home improvement plans always run smoothly.

Ensuite bathroom designs are very much one of our strengths.

While you may feel tempted to buy online to save money, it is often the case that the products you find on websites are never as nice in reality as they are on the page. Use bathroom showrooms and tile shops, and you have immediate access to genuine trade professionals who have satisfied countless home and commercial property owners across Godstone and the surrounding areas.

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Effective Ensuite Design

The following are some key aspects of creating a comfortable, functional ensuite:

  • Compact or Space-Saving Products

  • Walk-In Showers

  • Clever Use of Lighting and Mirrors

  • Underfloor Heating

  • Light-Coloured Tiles

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Bulky fitted bathrooms and bathroom furniture, and off-pattern bathroom tiles, rarely work well in ensuites. Ensuites tend to be smaller than traditional bathrooms. A well-planned bathroom design will make your room space feel less cramped and clever use of accessories will help to add a lighter, airier feel.

Contemporary styles work especially well in ensuites.

Walk-in Showers

Smaller bathrooms lack the space for larger tubs so, often, our bathroom planners will advise that you consider a walk-in shower (or a bathroom designed as a wet room) instead. With matching screens and bathroom tiles, walk-in showers provide the contemporary feeling that we believe most ensuites need.

Like all reputable bathroom showrooms and tile shops in the Godstone area, we have a full range of showers available.

Lighting and Mirrors

Fitted bathrooms, bathroom tiles and bathroom furniture may form the basis of a bathroom design for an ensuite, but it is often the lighting, mirrors and accessories that make a massive difference to the ambience. Did you know that some of the bathroom mirrors we sell have options for playing music?

Step out of the bedroom into your ensuite, turn on the tunes and set yourself up for the day ahead in genuine style.

Underfloor Heating

Because ensuites tend to have limited room, radiators or any other type of wall-mounted heater can restrict space and make an addition to your Godstone home feel cramped. Our bathroom planners strongly recommend underfloor heating for ensuites so that you can get a little more from your wall and floorspace.

Underfloor heating is another area in which we can assist you.

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