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Modern interior design isn’t for everyone. If you prefer the timeless look and feel of traditional bathrooms, PLR Design Ltd can help you get your bathroom design just right. On this page, we look at features which really make a classic bathroom, from bathroom tiles to bathroom furniture.

If you’re ready to explore options for your Leatherhead or Surrey home with experienced bathroom planners, please visit the PLR Design showroom and tile shop in Redhill. We recommend visiting bathroom showrooms to see products in-person before buying.

Bathroom Fixtures

The fixtures are the main installations in the bathroom such as the bath, shower, sink and toilet. These come in an array of designs, but the right products are crucial for creating a traditional bathroom.

Bathroom Furniture

Opt for natural materials like solid wood. Wooden furniture can be finished in a wide range of stains, varnishes and paints to suit your wider bathroom design.


A washstand is the perfect option for a traditional bathroom in Leatherhead. These are furniture-style basins on a frame with two or four legs. A vanity in a classic style can also be effective – look around bathroom showrooms for inspiration.


Traditional bathrooms aren’t complete without a freestanding bath. Freestanding baths come in various styles, including roll-top, clawfoot and slipper baths.


Classic toilet options include low-level toilets with an exposed metal flush pipe and high-level cisterns with a pull chain.

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Bathroom Tiles

While bathroom furniture is important, the way you decorate your bathroom will drastically affect the look and feel. If you want to create a traditional space, our bathroom planners recommend choosing tiles with a vintage appearance. We invite you to visit our tile shop for advice and to see how different bathroom tiles may look in your space.

Some bathroom tiles which are ideal for traditional bathrooms:

Colour Schemes

When it comes to traditional bathroom design, you can experiment with your favourite colours and patterns. With classic-style fixtures and tiles providing the overall style, the colour is where you can add your own creative flair.

White and black creates an elegant, clean look, but bolder colours and patterns work just as well in traditional bathrooms. For example, green bathroom tiles are a popular option for classic spaces.

Anything from neutrals and pastels to dark shades and botanical prints can enhance traditional bathroom designs in Leatherhead and the surrounding areas. For personal advice and design services, contact the bathroom planners at PLR Design Ltd. We are one of the leading bathroom showrooms and tile shops in the area.
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