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If you have a large bathroom and are unsure what to do with it, PLR Design Ltd is here to help. There are so many ways to optimise a large bathroom and our bathroom planners will work with you to design a space which suits your needs and style preferences. Whether you require anything from a family bathroom in Redhill to a luxurious adult space in Lingfield, we can deliver the perfect bathroom design. To achieve this, we consider the style and placement of bathroom furniture, bathroom tiles and sanitaryware.

As one of the most trusted bathroom showrooms and tile shops in the local area, homeowners come to us for all kinds of bathrooms, from traditional to contemporary. No matter your requirements, we are ready to help – just give us a call!

Here are just some ideas for a large bathroom:

  • Bathroom Zones

  • Screen Dividers

  • Separate Bath and Shower

  • His and Hers Sinks (Double Sinks)

  • Varying Textures and Materials

  • Colour Combinations

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Create Zones

One mistake we often see in large bathroom designs is features which are spread apart, making the room feel empty. To make the most of the space, we recommend creating different zones within the room. These can be divided by things like glass screens, wooden dividers and half walls. Such features can also increase privacy and allow multiple people to use the room at the same time.

Bath and Shower

A beautiful, freestanding bath can act as a centrepiece and add a touch of elegance. Large bathrooms also give homeowners in Lingfield the chance to incorporate a separate bath and shower. As such, there is no compromise – our bathroom planners can create a practical layout which allows you to enjoy all the benefits of a luxury bathtub and freestanding or walk-in shower.

Visiting bathroom showrooms is the best way to explore options for your project and we welcome you to visit PLR Design Ltd to view an extensive range of products. We are also a tile shop so can help find your perfect bathroom tiles as well as sanitaryware and bathroom furniture.

Double Basins

Large bathroom design allows you to make space for everyone. One way to do this is with double basins, which are ideal for couples and any bathroom shared by multiple people. With the right bathroom furniture, this can also provide valuable extra storage.

Combine Colours and Materials

All-over tiling can be harsh in a large room, so our bathroom planners advise to vary surfaces by mixing bathroom tiles with painted walls or wallpaper. Homeowners in Lingfield with a large bathroom can also be more daring with patterns and colour schemes. While patterns and dark colours can overwhelm a small space, they provide visual interest in larger bathrooms and allow you to create all kinds of effects.

Reputable bathroom showrooms and tile shops will be happy to help find products which complement your colour scheme.

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