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PLR Design Ltd operates from one of the best-known bathroom showrooms in Redhill. We also supply to the public and the trade as a tile shop. As you can probably imagine, we have thousands of bathroom tiles to choose from. To complete your remodelling project, we also supply an exciting range of bathroom furniture from prestigious industry manufacturers. Everything you could ever need from a showroom is here for you under a single roof.

We even offer a bathroom design service using photorealistic 2D and 3D images based around the measurements of your home and the bathroom furniture you’d like to use.

Smaller room spaces in Redhill require a different approach to bathroom design than those with larger dimensions. Some bathroom showrooms and tile shops sell you the product then leave you to deal with the rest. Buy your bathroom tiles from us and we’ll help you optimise areas with limited space. PLR Design also helps you to choose the right bathroom furniture.

The bathroom planners at PLR Design Ltd use the Pro Suite from Virtual Worlds. This is the best 3D CAD design software available to our sector, a program that gives our customers a virtual walkthrough of our proposed bathrooms. Using the Pro Suite, 4D Studio and 4D Suite in conjunction with a headset, we transport you into the heart of the design.

With access to the cloud too, where you can interact with our design work on a laptop or handheld device, we make you feel part of the creative process and actively involve you in the planning of new bathrooms or bathroom remodels.

Choosing Bathroom Tiles in the Right Size
The largest bathroom tiles make a poor choice for smaller rooms because continuous cutting generates so much waste and interferes with the pattern. Small tiles aren’t always the best choice for a smaller bathroom design either. Opt for something in the middle, such as 30cm to 60cm tiles. Our Redhill-based showroom and tile shop supplies medium-sized bathroom tiles in a wide range of neutral colours.

Choose too small a tile and it makes the design look too “busy”. Avoid waste by using medium-sized bathroom tiles in square and rectangular shapes. This cuts down on the amount of cutting required, and ties the design in well with small bathroom furniture.

Use Light-Coloured Bathroom Tiles
We’ve encountered customers from the local Redhill area who have a clear idea of the bathroom furniture and bathroom tiles they like, but worry about the lack of light in a smaller area. At PLR Design Ltd, we recommend lighter hues in cream, white or light grey. This creates a cleaner, calmer finish and accentuates any existing light to develop an illusion of space. Tie some mirrors into your bathroom design and be amazed at the impact!

Some bathroom showrooms and tile shops might recommend a monochrome theme for adding light to small spaces. We agree with this to an extent, but find that a monochrome theme works best when you need to accentuate individual areas and not the entire room.

Make Sensible Use of Patterns
Some homeowners in the Redhill area prefer a patterned bathroom design. Our advice is not to use patterned bathroom tiles across the entire room. This creates the illusion of the walls closing in and makes an already small bathroom space feel, well, kind of smaller. This effect heightens in rooms where patterned tiles run from the ceiling down to the floor. 

If you must have a pattern, keep it to one wall and run it down no more than half its length. Break up the bathroom design with plain tiles underneath or simply tile down to where the top lip of the bathtub begins. In doing so, smaller bathrooms in Redhill properties have an attractive area to take attention away from limited amounts of floor space without overkill.

Use Reputable Bathroom Showroom and Tile Shops
Some tile shops, especially those found on large retail parks, work to strict sales targets. It is the same for larger bathroom showrooms in Redhill and Surrey. Store managers have to answer to area managers and the needs of the customer often disappear behind “sales projections” and “profit and loss statements”. Our showroom treats you like an individual, not as an income source for driving home a monthly target.

We take the time to show you through our bathroom tiles, bathroom furniture, accessories, fixtures and fixings. And when you reach a decision, we’ll come out to measure your Redhill home (or you can bring the measurements to us) for the purpose of creating a photorealistic image of the bathroom design – one that you can change as many times as you wish to.

Don’t forget that even with small bathrooms, we can still make you an important part of the creative process. The software used by our bathroom planners, combined with a VR headset, puts you straight into your proposed bathroom space and gives you a genuine feel for what we can do even when we have to work inside certain restrictions.

At PLR Design Ltd, we turn your bathroom design ideas into an exciting reality.

PLR Design Ltd is the reliable, customer-friendly bathroom and tile shop located in Redhill. Call us on 01737 766603.

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