Bathrooms in Surrey | Make a Statement with Luxury Bathroom Furniture, Baths or Tiles

Our bathroom planners can help make a statement in your bathroom with bold and feature elements like coloured or patterned bathroom tiles, luxury bathroom furniture and freestanding baths. Below, we look at some ways to enhance your bathroom design, giving you ideas of what to look for when visiting bathroom showrooms and tile shops.

When it comes to bathrooms, the team at PLR Design Ltd won’t be beaten in knowledge or experience. From our showroom in Redhill, we serve customers across Surrey, delivering bespoke, high-quality design services and bathroom products.

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Make Your Bath Stand Out

A beautiful bath can act as the focal point of your space. Typically, the bath is the largest fixture in a bathroom, so it’s worth taking the time to choose a product you love and which elevates the overall design.

There are many stunning baths available to suit traditional to modern bathroom designs, and we recommend visiting bathroom showrooms to see them in person to ensure you find the perfect fit. Freestanding baths provide the ultimate statement, but experienced bathroom planners can also make inset baths stand out.

Some popular options we recommend to Surrey customers include:

  • Claw-Foot Baths

  • Boat Baths/Bateau Baths

  • Slipper Baths

  • Skirted Baths

  • Panelled Baths

  • Sunken Baths

  • Roll-Top Baths

  • Corner Baths

  • Copper Baths

For a cohesive space, match bathroom furniture, fixtures and fittings to the bath in some way. For example, if you opt for copper taps on the bath, choose copper for vanity handles and basin taps. Items can also be colour-matched to bath panels.

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Statement Bathroom Tiles

Tiles are an excellent way to add colour and style to bathrooms. From bright colours to dark shades, coloured bathroom tiles help create the desired atmosphere and work particularly well against plainer sanitaryware and furniture, providing a pop of colour and visual interest. Likewise, patterned tiles draw the eye and help turn an otherwise standard space into a chic interior.

Homeowners can also choose from various shaped tiles and laying patterns to create their perfect look.

Why not visit our tile shop in Redhill to view a wide range of bathroom tiles and get advice from our time-served bathroom planners?

Bathroom Furniture to Impress

The important role furniture plays in bathroom design shouldn’t be overlooked. The right furniture can provide the main visual feature within a bathroom and will complement other room elements.

The following are just some ideas for stand-out bathroom furniture:
For further ideas and personalised advice, we recommend visiting bathroom showrooms and tile shops specialising in designing bespoke bathrooms. Homeowners in Surrey can rely on PLR Design Ltd for expert design services, including virtual reality design, and high-quality products.
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